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Group of retirees

Welcome to Broward County's Open Enrollment for 2022. It's time to review your benefit and make any changes for the coming year! If you require no changes, your benefits will roll over for 2022. Not all benefits are available for retirees. See newsletter for retiree benefits.

Open Enrollment 2021
  • Review enrollment materials at
  • Make any 2022 benefit changes between November 1 and November 19, 2021.  Current elections will automatically rollover.
  • NEW FOR 2022 – Health and Pharmacy coverage will be combined under UnitedHealthcare (UHC). You will receive a new ID card in December and will need to provide it to your retail pharmacy with your first fill/refill in January.​
  • If enrolling new dependents, date of birth, Social Security number, and proof of relationship must be submitted to BOI by November 19.
  • Notify Benefits Outsource Inc. (BOI) of any changes for 2022 coverage by November 19, 2021.
Time to Review
  • At Open Enrollment, as a retiree, you may continue, cancel or decrease current coverage. You may not add coverage. Once coverage is canceled, it may not be reinstated or added at a later date. Any changes to your Retiree benefits will require your written authorization.
  • Premium changes required due to any rate change will be effective January 1, 2022. If you are having FRS deductions for premium payments, any required changes will be submitted to FRS in November for your January deduction. A new FRS Deduction Authorization form is not needed.
  • If you currently do not have your premiums deducted from your Florida Retirement System (FRS) monthly benefit check, and would like to, please request an FRS Deduction Authorization Form from BOI and return it to BOI. Your deductions will start as soon as possible. Please be aware that you must make your payments via personal check or money order until the FRS deductions begin.
Coverage Change:
  • Any coverage you elect to cancel cannot be reinstated at a future time.  Your current coverage will automatically roll over unless BOI is notified in writing to change or cancel coverage.
  • Enroll in Medicare Part A and B as soon as you are eligible as the County’s Group Health Plan will automatically become secondary to Medicare.  Provide BOI with a copy of your Medicare Card showing you are enrolled in Parts A and B.

  • Newly enrolled dependents without the required documentation will be removed from medical, dental, and vision plans and will not be covered for 2022.
  • If you are enrolling new dependents, please provide the Social Security number and date of birth for each enrolled dependent.  This is now required due to the annual Health Care Reform reporting.
  • The $43.33 monthly surcharge for Over Age Dependents’ medical coverage remains the same. 
  1. County health and pharmacy plans are not Medicare plans.
  2. When Medicare-eligible, County’s plan will automatically pay as secondary with a reduced premium.  Enroll in Medicare in advance of your Medicare eligibility date and research your Medicare options.
  3. Any coverage canceled by you or for non-payment cannot be reinstated.


The County’s Group Health Plan is not a Medicare plan. We highly recommend researching Medicare options as there may be plans that are less expensive and more comprehensive. Contact Valery Insurance Agency at 1-800-330-8445 or via email at for assistance before you turn age 65.