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Open Enrollment

Broward CountyOpen Enrollment2021 New Hire Info for 2022 OE
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New Hire

Welcome to your first Broward County Board of County Commissioners Open Enrollment period!
This page is a quick reference for those new hires to Broward County who have never done an annual Open Enrollment.

New Hires

​​What is Open Enrollment? 

Open enrollment is the period of time each year that you make your benefit plan selections or waivers for the following year. It is a requirement every year that you must complete. As a new hire, you are required to complete open enrollment during this time for your benefits beginning in 2022.

When to Enroll?
Open Enrollment begins at 8:30 am on November 1 and ends on November 19, 2021. Your selected benefits will become available on January 1, 2022. Every Broward County employee must log-in to elect or waive benefits for 2022.

What to Expect?
To help you during this open enrollment season Employee Benefits Services hosts many educational events throughout the County for employees, such as:
  • Open Enrollment Video Presentations with Vendor Q&A
  • Special Medicare Insurance Classes
  • FRS Workshops
Due to COVID-19 all presentations will be held virtually or pre-recorded and posted on the OPEN ENROLLMENT website.
*Spouses or domestic partners are encouraged to view these presentations.  

Engagement Incentive – Take Action Now.
In recognition of the importance of annual preventive screenings, the County has an Engagement Incentive program for employees enrolled in one of the HDHP plans to encourage members to have their annual screenings done once a year.
The Engagement Incentive requires completion each year of any one of the following wellbeing events that are billed as preventive by your provider: 
  1. Annual preventive physical
  2. Annual Well-woman exam
  3. Preventive Mammogram for women
  4. Preventive Colonoscopy for those over age 45
  5. Biometric Screening with RALLY Health Assessment/Survey
To receive your 2022 HSA funding, you and your enrolled spouse/domestic partner must complete one of the activities listed above by December 31, 2021​.
PLEASE NOTE: If your benefits eligibility date is between October 1, 2020, through December 31, 2020, you and your enrolled spouse/domestic partner have until March 31, 2021, to complete your preventive screening.  Your HSA County funding will not be posted to your PayFlex account until you complete one of the Qualified Preventive Screenings/Exams and submit an Engagement Incentive Affidavit (available at under FORMS after January 2, 2022.
NOTE: Form is ONLY for new enrollees.)
Employees enrolled in one of the HDHP plans who are not eligible for a Health Savings Account (HSA) will receive their funding deposited into a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA).

Earn WellBeing Rewards.
Health and WellBeing Programs that offer information and support as part of Broward County's health plans are offered by UHC through Rally. The program is designed to engage enrolled employees and their enrolled spouse or domestic partner in achieving healthy lifestyles. The program works by rewarding up to $300 per year for each person for completing selected activities.   Completing the biometric screening and Health Survey is worth $50, $25 each once a year.  
You have until June 31st, 2022 to redeem your 2021 rewards for a variety of gift cards.  Rewards not redeemed will be lost and no longer available for use.   
For more information on the Health and WellBeing Programs, visit:

How do I enroll or waive coverage?
The Online Open Enrollment PeopleSoft Employee Self Service portal is the tool you will use to select or waive your 2022 benefits. It can be accessed at from work or from home. You will need your Broward County User ID and password and MUST sign up for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to log-in to the Online Open Enrollment PeopleSoft Employee Self Service Portal outside the County system.  The Portal opens at 8:30 am on Monday, November 1, 2021, and closes automatically Friday, November 19, 2021. You can log in and change your selections as many times as you wish until the closing date.  The last selection submitted will be your enrollment for 2022.
Once you have completed the entire Open Enrollment process a Benefits Summary Statement will pop up (be sure your pop-up blocker is turned off) showing all the plans you selected and the dependents you enrolled.  If you DO NOT see plans or dependents you want to insure for 2022,  go back through the process. Save or print a copy for your records and to compare it to your 1st paycheck in 2022 – January 14th.  

Forgot your User ID and/or Password?
If you have forgotten your User ID and/or password or need to reset your password, contact ETS at 954-357-8600 for assistance.
Remember, every Broward County employee must log-in to elect or waive 2022 benefits.