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Open Enrollment

Due to social distancing, the vendor presentation is available as a video. Questions for US Legal Services representative can be sent directly to or the customer service # 800-356-LAWS (5297).

US Legal - Family Defender
​​​​Identity Theft Protection Enhancements
Services are moving from an advice and consultation plan to a fully managed restoration plan. Members will no longer bear the burden of managing the identity restoration process with the assistance of a dedicated Fraud Resolution Specialist to fully manage the identity theft restoration process. Your employees will have peace of mind that in the event of an identity breach they will have an experienced professional working for them.

Financial Counseling and Tax Benefits Enhancements
Members are entitled to receive personal tax preparation at the discounted rate of $195, including a free review of the prior year’s tax return, and continue to receive income tax planning consultations.
Online Tools
Members have access to various online resources to assist in their financial wellness. 
Coverage Information  

The prepaid legal plan provides benefits for pre-paid legal services for employees and eligible dependents. The plan allows participants to select an attorney from those affiliated with the plan in South Florida or select an attorney out of network. 

Please understand that:  

  • If using an affiliated attorney, bills are handled by the insurance company with no deductible or co-payment.
  • If using an out-of-network attorney, employees can be reimbursed for covered services, however, subject to the plan's limitations.  
You should know the following about this insurance option: 
  • This insurance is available to benefit-eligible employees, their spouse/domestic partner, and child dependents, up to age 26, of the employee or their spouse/domestic partner.
  • This is a group plan, so coverage can be converted when employment ends, but with different plan benefits and rates. Coverage ends on the date of separation/retirement unless it is converted to an individual policy by contacting U.S. Legal Services. 
  • The Family Defender offers a 33% discounted rate off attorney's fees for pre-existing and other non-excluded legal matters. 

Contact Information

Phone: 1-800-356-5297
Visit U.S. Legal


​ ​​​​​​​​

​​Additional Coverage

Broward County has additional endorsements that include:
  • Social Security, Veteran's Affairs & Medicare/Medicaid
  • Elder Law
  • Identity Theft Protection
  •  Financial Counseling and Tax Benefits
These endorsements and additional information can be obtained from the Summary Plan Description.

Eligibility Rules 

  • Newly benefit-eligible employees: Can enroll during their eligibility period
  • Currently enrolled employees: Can cancel at any time
  • Enroll/Re-enroll: Can enroll/re-enroll during the Annual Open Enrollment for January 1.