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Frequently Asked Questions and Helpful Hints for Public Records Requestors

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Helpful Reminders

  • A public records request applies to the County’s existing records. New records will not be created in response to a public records request.
  • The County is not required to provide records in a specific format. A Special Service Fee may apply for records requested to be provided in a format not routinely used by the County.
  • Responsive, non-exempt records will only be provided after payment of all applicable fees.
  • County is not required to explain records or answer questions about the content of records.
  • The County is not required to process a “standing” public records request (e.g. a continuing request to provide minutes of a monthly meeting).
  • Exemptions are applied at the time a public records request is received A request for exempt records will not remain open until the records are no longer exempt.​