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Fees and Deposits
​​​​​On April 7, 2020, the Broward County Board of County Commissioner voted unanimously to amend the section 35.20 of the Administrative Code, which addresses the fees associated with the fulfillment of public records requests made to the C​ounty. The approved language can be found here​​; a summary of the fee schedule is as follows:

No Fee Items​​
  • ​Duplication of first 50 pages (sin​gle or double-sided, pages no more than 8½ inches by 14 inches);
  • First 15 minutes of staff time of highest paid employee working to complete request
​​Duplication Fees
  • ​Copies: $0.15 per single-sided page; $.20 per double-sided page (after first 50; pages no more than 8½ inches by 14 inches)​
  • Plat duplication: $5 per page for blueprint plats; $7.50 per page for mylar plats
  • A reasonable fee will be charged for the labor and overhead associated with the duplication of all other public records
​​​Service Fees​
  • Certifications: $1 per certified copy of record
  • Delivery: actual mailing, shipping, or other delivery costs
  • Notarial Fee: $10 per each sperate notarial act
  • Physical Media (USB Drive, CDR, etc.) : $2 or actual cost of medium, whichever is less
  • Special Service Fee
  • ​This fee must be charged if extensive  IT resources, clerical or supervisory assistance by County staff is required. Extensive is defined as taking greater than 15 minutes.
  • The fee charged shall be calculated at the hourly rate, plus benefits, of the person(s) performing the applicable work (including, if applicable, supervisory, management, information technology, or legal personnel), and shall be charged in fifteen (15) minute increments (excluding the first fifteen (15) minutes).
  • ​​If, based upon this fee schedule, a request is expected to cost more than $20 to complete County staff shall request a deposit equal to the estimated total. The requestor must pay any requested deposit before production is made. Requested records may be withheld until all applicable duplication charges and service fees have been paid.​

If you have questions regarding the development of a cost estimate or the collection of fees please contact PRR Program Administrator Scott Medvin at 954-357-5955 or email​.​​