​​​​​Biking Through a Broward County Park​

two people on bicycles​Who rides bicycles? At least 57 million people, or approximately 27 percent of the population ages 16 and up, according to one recent survey sponsored by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Another survey, this one conducted by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, found that the majority of these people ride for exercise/health (41 percent) and recreation (37 percent). In Florida, March is Bicycle Month so special eventsare offered to people of all ages and abilities.

The Broward County Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee has produced a Bicycle Suitability Map that is intended to serve as a reference for bicycling in Broward County. Whether you’re biking for exercise and health, for recreation, or, more and more commonly these days, to commute, safety is of utmost importance. Visit the Broward Metropolitan Planning Website, where you’ll find such information as a "Broward County Bicycle Suitability Map," "Defensive Driving" (tips for riding in traffic), "How and Where To Lock Your Bicycle," and an especially comprehensive section called "Bicycles Are Vehicles," which includes information on avoiding accidents, emergency maneuvers, Florida’s bicycle-safety laws, handling hazards, safety equipment, and traffic law highlights.

The good news for local bikers is that more than a dozen Broward County parks offer paths for recreational bicycling:

Brian Piccolo Sports Park & Velodrome 

C.B. Smith Park 

Central Broward Park & Broward County Stadium 

Everglades Holiday Park

Hollywood North Beach Park

Markham Park

Plantation Heritage Park

Quiet Waters Park

Reverend Samuel Delevoe Park

Tradewinds Park & Stables

Tree Tops Park

T.Y. (Topeekeegee Yugnee) Park

Vista View Park ​

West Lake Park

Mountain Bike Trails

Just because there are no mountains in South Florida doesn’t mean you can’t go mountain biking. You can, at both Markham Park & Target Range (14 miles) and Quiet Waters (7.1 miles) parks, which have trails maintained by Broward County approved volunteers. These groups continue to maintain the trails on a regular basis. Markham Park also has a roughly four-mile trail specifically for off-road, hand-powered recumbent bikes, commonly used by wheelchair users. This trail can accommodate bikes that are lower to the ground and often characterized by one wheel in front and two wheels behind. This trail is also open to children, first-time mountain bikers, and anyone else who may be uncertain if they're ready for the park's more rugged 10 miles of mountain bike trails.

Class I eMTB pedal-assist bikes are permitted at Markham Park. All other eBikes (including Class II and III, hybrids, and motorized bikes (ATVs/Surrons) are still prohibited.

Use of trails requires an annual membership or daily fee. (Fees - Mountain Bike Trails). The annual membership fee is $25 for individuals or $50 for families of up to five; the daily fee is $5 for individuals or $10 for families of up to five. Applicable taxes will apply. Passes are available at the park office.

For safety purposes, all ages must watch a safety video and complete a waiver of liability. Riders under 17 must also have a release and waiver of liability signed by a parent/guardian. You can do this at the park office. Park office hours are 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. daily (closed Christmas). Please watch the ​Mountain Bike Trails Safety Video here


Brian Piccolo Sports Park & Velodrome has a bicycle-racing facility called a velodrome. There's also a road course at Piccolo for bikers and skaters.

recumbent cycle




Two special handcycles are now available for free use on a first-come, first-served basis at Central Broward Park & Broward County Stadium. The handcycles - one recumbent, one upright - may be checked out by any person age 18 or older with a physical disability. The weight limits are 250 pounds for the recumbent handcycle and 350 pounds for the upright one. Each handcycle may be checked out for one hour at a time, although park staff may extend this time frame as they deem appropriate. The handcycles are for independent use, and assistance with transfers and adjustments to the devices will not be provided by park staff.

Hours of use are daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., with the last checkout of the day being at 4 p.m. Users must read and sign the Handcycle Usage Release, Indemnity, and Waiver of Liability and receive a copy of the User Guidelines prior to taking possession of a handcycle. Users must leave a valid driver’s license or state-issued identification card as a deposit, to be returned upon return of the handcycle and any accessories, to the same location and in the same condition in which it was checked out.

Other guidelines also apply:
• A helmet must be worn at all times; helmets are available upon request.
• The seat positioning strap is to be used at all times.
• Operation of the handcycle is subject to all traffic rules and regulations.
• Handcycle is for independent use within the park and cannot be taken off the park property.
• Operator’s Manual is available for review.
• Tools will be provided for basic adjustments to handcycle.
• Quad grips are available upon request.

For further information, call the park at 954-357-​5400.

Bike Fix-It Stations

Through generous donations from FLIPANY (Florida Introduces Physical Activity and Nutrition to Youth), the newest resource at three Broward Municipal Services District parks - Franklin, Reverend Samuel Delevoe, and Roosevelt Gardens - provides an area for patrons to complete bike repairs with a post for mounting the bike, all the necessary tools, and an air pump for the tires. The station is available for use during regular park hours.

Tandem Bicycle Program

The Parks and Recreation Division’s Special Populations Section also provides a program designed for adults who are blind or visually impaired. This six-week program offers basic biking skills, leisure rides, fun, and socialization. Call Special Populations at 954-357-8170 or email to find out when the next tandem program is scheduled.

Safety Town

Three parks - C.B. Smith, Tree Tops, and T.Y. - have set up miniature roadways in areas designated as Safety Town, a program of Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital. Here children learn such bicycle-safety basics as which side of the road to ride on, how to observe a stop sign, and how to proceed at railroad crossings. For more information or to schedule a free field trip, call Memorial Healthcare System’s Community Relations Department at 954.265.​0994 or email