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TLS Requirements

Is Your Web Browser Current?

If not, errors will be encountered on Broward County payment websites after February 28, 2018.

To ensure that your web browser-based communications with Broward County payment websites maintain the highest levels of security, we are moving to eliminate support of early browser versions with outdated security protocols.

Effective February 28, 2018, all customers opening secure web browser connections to Broward County payment websites will need to ensure that they are using the current versions of their browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome & Safari) which include the latest security protocols.

If you receive an error while making a credit card payment to Broward County, it may be because the web browser is outdated. In order to make the payment, you must upgrade to the current browser or make the payment from a different device with a current browser.

Instructions for upgrading your browser can be found on the browser-provided websites. If you’re unable to upgrade, payment can be made from a different device using a current browser.

Broward County apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause but we want to ensure that your payment information is secure. ​​​​​​​​​​