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ParksCampingCampground Host Program
The Campground Host Program is a volunteer program offered at all five Broward County park campgrounds. 

The program offers qualified couples and individuals campsites in exchange for providing certain services to the parks and their guests. Each campground host may be called upon by park management to fulfill a variety of functions, from general assistance in the park office, to basic maintenance tasks, to hosting social activities. The hosts remain on call should campers need after-hours assistance. 

Like all other park volunteers, campground hosts undergo an application and screening process to ensure they are well suited to the position and are qualified to serve the public. Orientation and training are provided prior to an assignment. Campground hosts must reapply if they wish to participate in the program for a subsequent season. 

According to camper surveys, the Campground Host Program is popular and successful with parks management, and with fellow campers. The volunteer hosts provide excellent service and have logged in more than 2,000 hours annually assisting campers and park staff. 

For additional information about the program, please read the Campground Host Program Announcement and contact the appropriate Park Office: