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Shelter Reservations and Rentals
​​Shelter Reservations and Rental, Cleanup, and Security Deposit Fees

**All fees are subject to applicable Florida sales tax.**

Shelter seating capacities vary by park. Check specific park Web pages or contact a park office for more details. You can now reserve shelters online.


Shelter Type​ Weekday Fees (Mondays-Fridays) Weekend/Holiday Fees
​Interpretive Shelter (no electricity/water) ​$24/day ​$45/day
​Small Shelter and Gazebo ​$36/day ​$72/day
​Medium Shelter
​$50/day ​$110/day
​Large Shelter ​$75/day ​$175/day
​Extra-large Shelter ​$120/day ​$400/day
​Corporate Pavilion ​$250/day ​$700/day
​Funbrella* ​$35/day ​$75/day
​*Funbrella fee is $20/session at Central Broward Regional Park & Stadium only.
Cleanup and security deposit is required on day of use for all picnic shelters, and is based on facility size

​Small and Medium Shelters, Gazebos, and Funbrellas (excludes aquatic areas) ​$100
​Large, Extra-large, and Cabins
​Corporate Pavilions ​$500

The reservation date is strictly for the date reserved and shall not be affected by weather conditions. Any cancellations or date transfer must be made at least 14 days prior to the reservation date. Refund requests must be submitted in writing, by fax, or via email to park management and accompanied by a paid receipt. Transfers must be done in person, by fax, or via email. Phone transfers are not accepted. Refund requests do not automatically mean approval of a refund. Approved refund requests will be received in the form of a County-issued check in approximately six to eight weeks, if payment was made by check or cash. Credit card refunds are typically refunded within five working days. The prevailing cancellation/transfer fees listed below will be applied to all cancellation/transfer requests. In the event the Parks and Recreation Division closes due to hurricanes or other public-safety emergencies, date transfers or refunds may be available at the discretion of management.
Reservation cancellation or transfer fees

Shelters (small to large), Funbrellas, Athletic Fields, Campgrounds ​$25
Extra-large Shelters, Stage, Showmobile, Portable Bleachers, Tents​ ​$50
​Buildings (halls), Corporate Pavilions, or Cabins ​$100