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Easterlin Eagle Scout Project
For his 2013 project, Alexander Balke of Troop 406 planned the construction and installation of nine trash receptacle enclosures for the park. The enclosures are needed to help deter raccoons, squirrels, and other animals from gaining access to the trash cans. The aesthetically pleasing, animal-proof garbage storage bins are safe and provide convenient access for both dumping and pickup.

With the assistance of other scouts and friends, Alexander constructed the storage bins over several weekends at his home. The enclosures were then transported to the park and installed near restrooms, along the disc golf course, and in picnic areas. All nine enclosures were completed in October, with a total of 178 hours contributed.

        scout and park employee installing trash receptacle enclosure                   scout cleaning area around trash receptacle enclosure

trash receptacle enclosure 

Last year Josh Markevich, with guidance from park management, organized the construction and installation of 14 new camp posts and the removal of old posts for his Eagle Scout service project. These new posts are currently being used at Easterlin Park campground sites. 

Park Manager Kelvin Hines says the primary goal of the camp posts is to hang food and/or garbage to minimize odors that might attract animals. When items are hung from these posts, they keep wildlife away from the campsite.

Josh, fellow scouts, friends, and family contributed 271 hours of service for this improvement project. Thanks for a job well done!


 Josh preparing to install a new camp post  Josh and his helpers with the eagle Scout project
 Group effort to install a camp post  Scouts and helpers installing a camp post at Easterlin Park's campground