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Prohibited Activities
The following apparatus and activities are prohibited in Broward County Parks. 

Prohibited Apparatus

  • Inflatable bubble/bumper/Zorb balls 
  • Mechanical bulls ​
  • Non-kiddie rides 
  • Privately-owned amusement apparatus and/or mechanical and non-mechanical amusement rides 
  • Super amusement rides 
  • Trackless trains 
  • Trampolines and bungee-type apparatus (except for reverse-bungee trampolines)
  • Water apparatus (dunk tanks, slip-and-slides, water walking balls, and inflatable waterslides) 

Prohibited Activities 

  • No onsite cooking is allowed at nature centers. Food must be cooked offsite and then brought into the park, where it can be kept warm until used. 
  • Petting zoos are not permitted in the parks. Class I and Class II animals are not permitted in the parks under any circumstances. ​

Note: Registered Vendors are allowed to provide Educational Animal Exhibits that separate the animals, by fences or other means, from patrons. Farm animals may be petted by patrons, in which case the vendor must provide soap and water or hand sanitizer. A vendor who intends to provide Educational Animal Exhibits must provide a list of animals as well as the educational component associated with each animal and a care plan for the animals while they are onsite.

Temporary Restrictions Due to COVID-19

Due to ongoing concerns regarding the coronavirus, the following appparatus and activities are currently not allowed in Broward County parks:

  • Bounce houses
  • Mechanical rides (including trains and climbing walls)
  • Face painters
  • Characters
  • Games (including mobile video game trucks; approved laser tag ​​vendors are allowed) 

At this time there is not an anticipated date or dates when these may resume. As changes are made, this page will be updated.​​