34.1. - Functions; Duties. 

The Charter County and Regional Transportation System Surtax Appointing Authority of Broward County, Florida ("Appointing Authority"), was created by Section 31½-75(c) of the Broward County Code of Ordinances for the purpose of establishing procedures for making nominations and appointing the nine (9) members of the Independent Transportation Surtax Oversight Board ("Oversight Board") by majority vote. 
(2020-058, 2-11-20)

34.2. - Rules of Procedure. 

These Rules of Procedure shall govern the manner in which the business of the Appointing Authority may be conducted and the manner in which the powers and duties granted to and imposed upon the Appointing Authority by Section 31½-71, et seq., Broward County Code of Ordinances ("Surtax Ordinance"), shall be exercised and performed or delegated to its officers, agents, and employees. Said business shall be conducted and said powers and duties shall be exercised and performed in accordance with the provisions of the Surtax Ordinance and any resolutions, rules, and other actions adopted or taken by the Appointing Authority. 
(2020-058, 2-11-20)

34.3. - Appointing Authority Policies. 

(a) The Appointing Authority entities identified in Section 3​1½-75(c) of the Surtax Ordinance must provide to the County the names and contact information of their designees within forty-five (45) calendar days after notification by the County of the need for the Appointing Authority to convene. All seven (7) members of the Appointing Authority must meet in order to conduct business. The Appointing Authority shall elect a Chair to preside at all meetings of the Appointing Authority. 
(b) Process for filling vacancies on the Oversight Board. 
(1) When there is a vacancy on the Oversight Board, the Appointing Authority's coordinator shall publicly notice the vacancy and receive applications for the specific vacancy for a minimum of fifteen (15) calendar days. 
(2) Applications for the Oversight Board shall include the following: 
a. Resume; 
b. Certification of No Conflict of Interest; 
c. Personal Statement of Interests that includes: 
1. Identification of the vacant category for which the applicant wishes to be considered; 
2. Applicant's relevant experience; 
3. Whether the applicant had previously been nominated by an Appointing Authority entity and, if so, which entity; and 
4. Whether the applicant has been involved in the provision of transportation services or the construction of infrastructure (such as roads, bridges, highways, or rail). 
(3) Applications to serve on the Oversight Board shall be submitted to the Appointing Authority's coordinator. The Office of the County Attorney shall review the information submitted and provide written notice as to whether the applicant meets the requirements for the applicable position. 
(4) Upon receiving such written notice from the Office of the County Attorney, the Appointing Authority's coordinator will provide the list of eligible candidates to the Appointing Authority for review. 
(5) The full Appointing Authority shall formally meet to fill vacancies within thirty (30) days after receipt of the slate of eligible candidates. 
(6) The effective date of the appointment to the Oversight Board shall be the date that the Appointing Authority takes formal action, by majority vote, appointing the member to the Oversight Board. (2020-058, 2-11-20)

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