Appointing Authority

​​​​​​​The Ordinance provides for a seven-member Appointing Authority who, based on procedures established by majority vote, made nominations for members of the Oversight Board and appointed the members of the Oversight Board in January 2019. The members of the Appointing Authority are:

  • Dr. Colin Polsky, FAU Center for Environmental Studies (as designated in enacting ordinance)
  • Mr. Dan Lindblade (selected designee of the Broward County Council of Chambers)
  • Ms. Bertha Henry, (serving in her capacity as County Administrator)
  • Mr. Arnold Nazur (selected designee of Hispanic Unity)
  • Mr. Sidney Calloway (selected designee of the Urban League of Broward County)
  • The Honorable Jack Seiler (selected designee of the Broward League of Cities)
  • Mr. Randall Vitale - CHAIR (selected designee of the Broward Workshop)