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BCT Projects

Broward County Transit (BCT) is a key component of our transportation system and the number one public transportation option for getting around Broward. BCT can take you practically anywhere you want to go – work, school, shopping, libraries, parks, cultural and civic activities, and other places of interest.

Under the 30-year plan, BCT routes will be improved and new routes will be added to address rider demand which is growing at a faster rate than Broward’s population. New routes result in more riders and fewer vehicles on the road.

​​View plan to restore discontinued service for increased access to transit, improve frequency for better service, and expand service to maximize transit connectivity and coverage.

BCT was recently awarded a $17.3M Transportation Infrastructure Grant from the Federal Transit Administration - one of only a few in the country to receive the maximum amount. The grant will help pay for rehabilitation of existing operations and maintenence buildings that were built in the 1980's, construct new administration/operations and training buildings and add infrastructure for electric buses. The new, local dedicated source of surtax revenue likely played a big role in our success and top-tier award.