​Oversight Board Position Vacancy

Call for Applicants: Former City or County Manager 

The Appointing Authority for Broward County's Transportation Surtax is accepting applications from individuals interested in serving on the Independent Transportation Surtax Oversight Board (Oversight Board) in the categories of Former City or County Manager.​

The purpose of the Oversight B​oard is to provide accountability and transparency in the expenditure of Transportation Surtax proceeds by confirming the statutory eligibility and providing ongoing oversight of Transportation Surtax projects and expenditures.

The Oversight Board is comprised of nine members. Eight of the nine members are appointed by an Appointing Authority, including one former city or county manager, described as “a person who holds a professional degree, has professional experience as a city manager or a county manager, and is not currently employed as a city manager or a county manager in the state."

The average time commitment of a volunteer Oversight Board member is 8-10 hours, associated with each scheduled meeting. The Board is required by ordinance to meet quarterly; however, the Board may choose to meet more frequently to accomplish its goals. The candidate chosen will serve a four-year term, from January 2023 to January 2027. If adequate applications are received, an eligible alternate may also be selected in the event the appointee is unable to serve.

To be considered, applications for the Oversight Board position shall include the following:

  • Resume
  • Certification of No Conflict of interest
  • Personal statement of interest in serving, via email or cover letter that includes:
    • An explanation of why the applicant is interested in serving and how the applicant's background and experience would contribute to the Oversight Board accomplishing its goals.
    • Applicants who are not Broward County residents should indicate nexus to the County, i.e., owning a business in Broward County, being formerly employed by a government agency or municipality in Broward County, being a regular commuter or public transportation user in Broward County, etc.

All application materials should be submitted by email to OversightBoardApplications@Broward.org. Applications received will be reviewed and vetted, until a sufficient number of qualified candidates are identified. Selection is expected to occur on January 6, 2023.

For more information about the Transportation Surtax Oversight Board, please visit www.mapbroward.broward.org.​