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Oversight Board

Per Broward County Code of Ordinances, Chapter 31 ½, Article V, an independent Oversight Board of volunteer professionals is responsible for reviewing projects for eligibility under Florida Statute 212.055(1), monitoring revenues and expenditures, and offering transparency and accountability to the public. Members will serve four-year terms, and meet at least quarterly.

The Oversight Board is comprised of one individual from each of the following eight categories:

  • Accounting: Shea Smith, Director of Audit and Attest Services, Berkowitz Pollack Brant Advisors and Accountants 
    Smith has nearly 20 years of experience with a variety of companies and industries, working with business owners and entrepreneurs providing accounting, auditing and consulting services in Broward County.
  • Finance: Phil Allen, Retired 
    Allen served as CEO/Port Director of Broward’s Port Everglades and previously as Chief Financial Officer for Broward County. He headed the transition of the former Port Everglades Authority into a department of Broward County.

  • VICE CHAIR - Architecture: Douglas Coolman, Retired
    Coolman was a Principal at EDSA, Inc., a planning, landscape architecture and urban design firm in Fort Lauderdale and continues to practice as an independent registered landscape architect.  

  • Land Use and Urban Planning: Cynthia Chambers, Retired
    Chambers most recently served as Director of Broward’s Environmental Protection and Growth Management Department, having worked for Broward County in an urban planning and redevelopment capacity for more than 34 years.

  • CHAIR - Engineering/Construction Management: Alan Hooper, General Contractor and Real Estate Re-developer, Hooper Construction, Inc., and a founding member of Urban Street Development
    For more than 24 years, his companies have planned, designed, developed, constructed and managed more than 1.8 million square feet of neighborhood mixed-use construction projects in Broward County. 

  • Environmental Sciences: George Cavros, Esq., P.A., Florida Energy Policy Attorney, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy
    Cavros has been actively involved in advocacy, education, policies, coalition building and litigation that focuses on the environment, renewable energy, energy efficiency and protecting the State’s natural resources.

  • Former City or County Manager: Allyson C. Love, Assistant City Manager, City of Homestead
    Love previously served as Deputy City Manager for the City of Miramar, Acting City Manager for the City of Fort Lauderdale and has experience in various other positions including Auditor, and Budget Director. 
  • Resident Consumer of Public Transportation: Dr. Consuelo Kelley, a professional with a legal and editorial background 
    Kelly is a regular user of Broward’s TOPS! Paratransit service and is committed to the continuing improvement of transportation in Broward.
  • Director of the Broward College Office of  Supplier Relations and Diversity (As Identified in Ordinance): Anthea Pennant
    Anthea has over 20 years experience in social services, economic development, business development, fundraising, and advocacy - always with a focus on strengthening communities for the advancement of the underserved. 

Appointing Authority

The Ordinance provides for a seven-member Appointing Authority who, based on procedures established by majority vote, made nominations for members of the Oversight Board and appointed the members of the Oversight Board in January 2019. The members of the Appointing Authority are:

  • Dr. Colin Polsky, FAU Center for Environmental Studies
  • Mr. Dan Lindblade (designee of the Broward County Council of Chambers)
  • Ms. Bertha Henry, County Administrator
  • Mr. Arnold Nazur (designee of Hispanic Unity)
  • Mr. Sidney Calloway (designee of the Urban League of Broward County)
  • The Honorable Jack Seiler (designee of the Broward League of Cities)
  • Mr. Randall Vitale (designee of the Broward Workshop)