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Surtax Grantee Resources
  • ​​Circular/Monitoring Tools (COMING SOON) 
  • Trainings and Workshops
  • ​Goal Assignment Request Form
  • Capital Projects Application Process  
  • Charts and Graphs 
    • ​Surtax investments 2019
      The chart below illustrates Broward County Transportation Surtax Fund expenditures, per category, from January 1, 2019 to September 30, 2019.

      Surtax investments 2019
    • Surtax Investments 2020
      The chart below illustrates Broward County Transportation Surtax Fund expenditures, per category, from October 1, 2019 to September 30, 2020.

      Surtax Investments 2020
  • ​5-Year Plan: FY2021-2025 ​(PDF)
    A collaborative Five-Year plan containing County and municipal capital projects, as well as support and planning services expected, was presented to, and approved by the Oversight Board on August 14, 2020, based on the FY2021 Broward County Recommended Capital Budget. Projects included in the Five-Year Plan will be funded starting with Cycle 2, FY2021, through Cycle 6, FY2025. 

  • Transit
    BCT’s Five-Year Plan includes the continuation of transit improvements including service increase, new vehicles and amenities in fixed routes and paratransit, continuing implementation of Light Rail Transit (LRT) and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) projects, and traffic infrastructure county-wide and for regional development. A total of $1,013 Million will be invested in Transit service improvements, rail studies, transit infrastructure and operating costs.

  • Public Works
    The Public Works Five-Year Plan includes $319 Million in projects in 14 categories:
    • Road Capacity: $100.7 Million
    • Adaptive Signal Control: $56.2 Million
    • Fiber Optic Network: $32.7 Million
    • Lighting: $28.3 Million
    • Intersection: $25.2 Million
    • Bridge: $16.8 Million
    • Sidewalks: $15.5 Million
    • Bike lanes: $15 Million
    • Mast Arm: $832 Million
    • Greenway: $7.7 Million
    • School Zone: $5.1 Million
    • Drainage: $ 3.6 Million
    • Corridor Delivery Studies: $2.7 Million
    • Video Detection Maintenance: $1.4 Million

      Public Works
  • Municipal Capital Projects
    The Municipal Five-Year Plan includes recommended funding for subsequent phases of capital projects approved by the County Commission in Cycle 1 (2020) for planning and design phases. This Five-Year Plan acts as the basis for annual surtax funding appropriations and offers recipients of surtax funds a level of certainty in long-range programming and planning for transportation projects and surtax revenues. It includes funding for 32 projects, 30 of which will be fully funded. The criteria for inclusion in the Five-Year Plan was the project’s ranking and the expected availability of funds.

    The Interlocal Agreement, approved by the Board of County Commissioners August 21, 2018, guarantees a Minimum Annual Guarantee (MAG) funding commitment to utilize at least ten percent (10%) of the Transportation Surtax Proceeds received by the County each Fiscal Year to fund Community Shuttle Service, Municipal Capital Projects, Municipal R&M Projects, and Municipal Project Contingency.

    The image below shows the amount of surtax funds allocated towards municipal projects exceeding the MAG funding within the five-year plan.

    Municipal Projects

    The chart below shows surtax expenditures in the Five-Year Plan totaling $159 Million in 7 categories:​
    • Resiliency: $100 thousand
    • Landscaping, Signage, Lighting: $​700 thousand​
    • Intersection Improvements: $3.5 Million
    • Signal Enhancement: $6.9 Million
    • Transit: $10 Million
    • Capacity Increase, Widening: $49.5 Million
    • Bicycle Pedestrian Infrastructure: $88.2 Million​

    • Municipal Projects