Comprehensive Planning

​​​​​​​​​​​Comprehensive planning is a process that brings together business and community leaders, elected officials, and government agencies. The Broward County Comprehensive Plan identifies goals and policies that will improve our economy and quality of life. The Board of County Commissioners adopts the Comprehensive Plan and amendments to keep it updated. 

​​The Urban Planning Division provides professional support to the Board in comprehensive planning and a broad range of planning services, including:

  • Comprehensive Plan and Map Series Amendments

  • Rezoning and Compatibility Reviews

  • Verification of Compliance and Land Use Plan Amendments Review

  • Annexations

  • DRIs and Special Districts

  • Special Projects and Reports

What is the Comprehensive Plan?

The Comprehensive Plan (“Plan”) describes how Broward County will provide required services to meet the current and future needs of the community and economic development, while protecting the natural environment. This policy document provides a coordinated approach to making many decisions regarding land use and the location of development, the extension of urban services, the placement of community facilities, adaptation to climate change impacts and others.

The Plan was comprehensively updated in 2019 and adopted as the BrowardNEXT2.0 Comprehensive Plan. It is composed of 15 Elements that contain Goals, Objectives, and Policies (GOPs) organized by topics. Each Elements’ Support Document contains the data and analysis used in developing the GOPs. The Plan also contains a map series that generally describes existing or future conditions related to the Plan's Elements. The Broward Municipal Services District (BMSD) Future Land Use Map Series (FLUMS) depicts future land use designations that specify what uses are allowed on each property, which may be amended from time to time through a process that includes the property owners. The FLUMS is further implemented through the Zoning Map and the land development code.

Local comprehensive plans in Florida are required to meet a number of state statutes, in particular Chapter 163.3177, F.S. The County’s Plan must also be consistent with the countywide BrowardNEXT – Broward County Land Use Plan and Map administered by the Planning Council.