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The Broward County and Municipal Population Forecast and Allocation Model (PFAM) distributes countywide population forecasts prepared by the University of Florida Bureau of Economic and Business Research (BEBR) to local municipalities and Traffic Analysis Zones (TAZ). BEBR inputs for PFAM 2017 include population estimates for 2015 and projections for 2020-2045 in 5-year increments. PFAM is updated every three years to reflect local development patterns.

In addition to the output tables listed below, the PFAM report also provides a detailed analysis of local trends in housing and demographics. Topics include: a comparison of local versus statewide population growth, age groups, the labor force, housing demand, household formation, household size, and housing development patterns for new construction. Please note that due to the allocation process, there is a slight difference between totals, TAZ Composite totals and the municipal totals, for the timeframe of 2025 through 2045. See Report for more information.

A link for an Excel workbook will be coming soon.  This single product will contain the below selected tables as individual worksheets. TAZ level data is also available as a shapefile compatible with ArcMap. To obtain these products, please email your request to the Demographics Office.

  • Table 13 - Units, Households, and Household Population by TAZ: Years 2015, 2030, 2045
  • Table 15​ - Total Group Quarters Population by Jurisdiction: 2010 - 2045
  • Table 16 - Total Population by Jurisdiction: 2010-2045
  • Table 17 - Total Dwelling Units by Jurisdiction: 2010-2045
  • Table 18 - Total Households by Jurisdiction: 2010-2045