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Building Construction

  • All new building construction: residential or nonresidential
  • All additions to non-residential buildings
  • All interior alterations to industrial buildings or warehouses if a building permit is required
  • All interior alterations to commercial or office buildings where a change in use or seating capacity will occur or where the building has been vacant for six months or more if a building permit is required
  • Final interior construction of existing shell buildings if a building permit is required
  • All foundations or slabs greater than 250 square feet

Site Preparation and Infrastructure

  • New construction and all road and bridge expansion
  • Land clearing and grubbing
  • Removing trees in unincorporated Broward County and certain municipalities
  • Constructing docks, sea walls, boat ramps and bulkheads
  • Commercial driveways and parking lots
  • All drainage projects, including those in independent drainage districts

Other Impacts

  • All work performed near the ocean
  • All new or replacement emergency generators, excluding portable generators
  • All open burning
  • All landfill and solid waste transfer facilities
  • All new commercial or multifamily swimming pool construction
  • Constructing or installing abo​ve​ or below ground storage tanks
  • Temporary buildings and construction trailers