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​​​​The office of Development Management and Environmental Review offers development management, environmental reviewplattingsite plan review, and vacation petitions as part of their services.   It also publishes forms, fees, and deadlines for these services.  Customer service hours are 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday through Friday, except designated holidays, dial 954-357-6666 ext 2.


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Commission Meetings

​​​​​​How to Participate Remotely | In-Person

Beginning May 3, 2021, ALL submittals for Development & Environmental Review projects in Broward County will only be accepted electronically through ePermits

Applicants will no longer be able to submit any plans for review in person. If you have any questions or concerns, please call 954-357-6666 ext 2.

  • ​Paper applications will no longer be accepted in person for Development and Environmental Review approvals
  • ​​Plans must be submitted electronically for review online

​Schedule your appointment ONLINE​ to see a planner.

Development Management

We administer the Land Development Code and also ensure projects comply with the Natural Resource Protection Code as part of the development management process​. ​


Vacation Petitions

Urban Planning ​Division has recently assumed the responsibility of administering the vacation process as provided in Chapter 25, Article XVI, Broward County Administrative Code. Vacation petitions for platted easements, travelways and portions of plats that were dedicated on a plat approved by the Broward County Board of County Commissioners, dedicated to Broward County, or service or affect a County right-of-way or other County interest require a formal application.

Please contact our offices by phone at 954-357-6666 ext 2 or email before submitting a vacation application, so that we can assist you in expediting the application process.

The following types of vacations do not require review by Broward County:

  • Vacation, in whole or in part, of plats located within a municipality which were not reviewed and approved by Broward County 

  • Abandonment, discontinuance, closure or vacation of roads, streets, alleyways and other areas used for travel, which are: 

    • Located entirely within a municipality; and 

    • Not dedicated specifically to Broward County on a plat, or are not deeded or specifically conveyed to or acquired by Broward County; and 

    • Not designated as a County road pursuant to Chapter 334, Florida Statutes, as amended; and 

    • Not maintained by Broward County or listed on or included in a Broward County road maintenance map. 

  • Abandonment, closure, discontinuance or release of easements or other interests in real property for utility, drainage, or other public purposes which: 

    • Were not dedicated on a plat approved by the Board and filed of record in Broward County; 

    • Were not conveyed or dedicated to Broward County; or 

    • Do not service or affect a County right-of-way or other County interest. 

  • Release of private easements or interests which were not dedicated on a plat or pursuant to the requirements of the Land Development Code. 

To request a determination from staff that a proposed vacation is exempt, please submit your request in writing, providing a description of the easement, the plat or instrument in reference and include a check in the amount of $80 payable to the Broward County Board of County Commissioners.

Application for Vacation

Contact Information

Address: 1 North University Drive, Room 102-A, Plantation, FL 33324   

Phone: 954-357-6666 ext 2


Please note that the Administrative Code and associated processes for vacation petitions are undergoing review at this time. Please visit this webpage for future updates.