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Broward CountyUrban Planning DivisionBicycling and Pedestrian Advisory Committee
Bicycling-Pedestrian Advisory Committee


Wednesday, January 12, 2022, 6:30 PM, location to be announced.

BPAC cares about your safety, on our roads, sidewalks, and greenways. Recommended Safety Tips are now available that include useful information on safety during the coronavirus pandemic.​​

To report ​ non-urgent ROADWAY ISSUES

About Traffic Engineering Division​


  • Study and advise the Broward County Board of County Commissioners, with the cooperation and assistance of the County Administrator, on all matters related to bicycling and walking. Review Brioward County road construction projects at their planning and design stages for the possible inclusion and/or placement of bicycle and pedestrian facilities. 
  • Develop programs to encourage bicycling and walking throughout Broward County. 


Originally created by Broward County Resolution on October 6, 1981, the committee was amended by resolution in 2005 to change the name to the Bicycling and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) and expand the duties of the committee to include pedestrian concerns, in addition to bicycling. The BPAC consists of ten members, with each of the nine Broward County Commissioners appointing one representative and one appointed by the Broward League of Cities.​ More...​   


The Broward County Board of County Commissioners issued a proclamation​ recognizing March 2020 as Florida Bicycle Month. The County’s proclamation encourages residents and visitors to practice bicycle safety and to always be aware of cyclists on our roads.

Florida Bicycle Month is recognized throughout the State of Florida. Broward County residents and visitors are encouraged participate in Bicycle Month events being held.​ 


At the October 11, 2017 meeting the following goals were unanimously approved by the BPAC:  

Short Term (0-2 Years)

  • Create stronger branding for BPAC including a unique logo and purchasing BPAC-branded collateral.
  • Increase BPAC's web presence through social media campaign on bicycle/pedestrian events and safety.
  • Update and redesign BPAC's website to be a portal for community bike and pedestrian resources.
  • Adopt a formal legislative agenda to recommend changes to state statutes to the  Board of County Commissioners.
  • Promote and attend bicycle/pedestrian events and programs.
  • Create and approve an annual report to the Board of County Commissioners.
  • Host subject matter experts to provide bicycle/pedestrian best practices.
  • Continue to advise the Board regularly on bicycle/pedestrian matters.

Long Term (2-5 Years)

  • Collaborate with law enforcement to ensure public compliance with vehicular laws related to pedestrian and bike safety.
  • Increase bicycle and pedestrian wayfinding signage.
  • Create a list of BPAC priority bicycle/pedestrian projects and express support for their funding and completion.
  • Collaborate with public and private transportation service providers to ensure safety programs include specific bicycle/pedestrian training.
  • BPAC members conduct outreach on bicycle/pedestrian safety to local HOA, Civic Associations, and other community organizations.
  • Encourage methods to continually reduce Broward County's bicycle and pedestrian fatalities and injuries.


At the June 14, 2017 meeting, BPAC unanimously adopted the following priorities:  
  • Encourage projects and enforcement efforts that prioritize pedestrian and bicycle safety.
  • Support timely and sustainable funding of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure and amenities, including greenways and off-network paths.
  • Collaborate with public and private entities including, Broward MPO, FDOT, Broward County, and Broward municipalities to ensure Bicycle and Pedestrian projects, policy, and ordinances are implemented.
  • Promote bicycle and pedestrian focused outreach and events, especially those that underscore safety, funding, and education.
  • Endorse linkages for safe, comfortable, and convenient bicycle and pedestrian networks to seamlessly integrate with other transportation options.

In the coming months, BPAC will align short and long terms goals with the newly adopted priorities. Stay tuned for future updates on BPAC goals. 

Committee Meetings 

Meetings are tentatively scheduled the second Wednesday every other month, starting in January, at 6:30pm.  BPAC meetings will be announced through Sunshine meeting notice.  Dates and location may be subject to change.  Please continue to check this page for updates.

​​​2022 Meeting Dates
​January 12

​March 9

​May 11

​July 13

September 14

​November 9

​​​2021 Meeting Dates
​January 20
​March 10
​May 12
​July 14
Meeting Cancelled

September 1
Agenda Packet | FDOT briefing​​​

​November 10​

​​​2020 Meeting Dates
​January 8
​March 11
Meeting Cancelled

​May 20
​July 8
September 9
​November 18

​​​2019 Meeting Dates
​January 9Agenda​Minutes
​March 13Agenda
​May 8Agenda
​July 10​Meeting Cancelled
​August 14 (rescheduled)
​Meeting Cancelled

​September 11 ​Agenda
​November 13Agenda
2018 ​​Meeting Dates​Agenda ​Minutes
​January 10AgendaMinutes​
​February 14​Meeting Cancelled
​March 14Agenda​​Minutes​
​April 11AgendaMinutes
May 9​Meeting Cancelled
​June 13​Meeting Cancelled
​July 11Agenda ​Minutes
​September 12Agenda​Minutes​
​October 10Agenda​Minutes
​November 14AgendaMinutes

​​​​​Committee Members

​Board Member
​Michael Kroll
​Broward League of Cities
​Vice Chair
​Hugh Chakler
District 8​
​Fern Goodhart
District 4
Phillip Kim​District 9
Steve Lim
​District 1
Charmie Pujalt
​District 7
​District 2
​District 3
​District 5
​District 6

Board Members Vacancies

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board is looking for interested residents of Broward County to fill vacancies.  For more information, please visit the Intergovernmental Affairs / Board Section. You can view the vacancies at the Boards and Committee Members page.