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Medical Marijuana Advisory Board




  • ​​Advise and make recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners for improving operations and services for growing, processing, and selling medical marijuana for qualified patients and users
  • Obtain information concerning medical marijuana and related matters within Broward County
  • Provide recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners regarding regulations and fees related to medical marijuana treatment centers
  • Develop programs to educate the citizens of Broward County as to the benefits and disadvantages of the use of medical marijuana


The Medical Marijuana​ Advisory Board (MMAB) was created by Broward County Ordinance #2017-29​, enacted September 14, 2017.  The MMAB membership consists of twelve (12) members.  Three (3) appointments at large by the County Commission.  One at-large appointment is a qualified patient advocate.

Each Broward County Commissioner appoints one (1) member in the following categories:

1.  One (1) representative from the State of Florida Department of Health, Broward County
2.  Two (2) representatives nominated by academic institutions with appropriate scientific knowledge and experience in issues related to medical marijuana
3.  Two (2) Business and Economic Development representatives
4.  One (1) representative from the Broward Sheriff's Office
5.  One (1) representative from the Hospital Districts in Broward County
6.  One (1) person with knowledge of the Broward County public and private educational systems and the Broward County School Board
7.  One (1) person with knowledge of the medical marijuana industry outside of Florida

Board Meetings 

Unless otherwise noted, meetings will be held at Main Government Center, 115 S. Andrews Avenue, in Conference Room 430.  Scheduled start time 1:00pm. 

2020  Meeting Agendas and Minutes 

​January 22
​February 20
Medical Marijuana Summit, Tamarac Community Center​, 8601 W Commercial Blvd, Tamarac
​April 8

​July 8
​September 9

​December 10


2019  Meeting Agendas and Minutes 

​​Date ​Agenda ​Minutes
​January 23 Agenda Minutes
​March 20
​April 17
Summit Program
​Educational Summit | Summit Video | Anne Kolb Nature Center, Hollywood
​June 12 Agenda
​August 14 Agenda
​October 16
​Colorado's Legalization of Marijuana...
​Educational Summit First Responders | Video 
​December 18



2018 Meeting Agendas and Minutes 

​Date ​Agenda ​Minutes
​​​​March 21 Agenda Packet​ CANCELLED
​April 25 Agenda Packet​ Minutes​
​May 23 Agenda Packet​ Minutes​
​July 11` ​​CANCELLED​
​August 8 Agenda Packet CANCELLED​
​September 12 Agenda Packet​ Minutes
​September 27 Agenda Packet Minutes​  |  Sub-committee meeting, Medical Marijuana Educational Summit
​October 10 Agend​a​ Minutes
​November 14 Agenda Packet​ CANCELLED​
​December 12
Agenda​ Minutes

Board Members

​​Position ​Council Member​​ Category
​Chair: ​​Arby Barroso ​Knowledge of medical marijuana outside of Florida
​Vice Chair:
​Ed Rebholz
Joshua Davis​
​Member: ​Terrence Davis ​Broward Sheriff's Office
​​Member: ​​Abby M. Freedman Broward County Public and Private education system; School Board​
​Seth A. Hyman Qualified patient advocate​
​Dustin Robinson
​Academic institution; scientific knowledge medical marijuana
​​Member: ​​Jay Work Business & Economic Development
​Academic institution; scientific knowledge medical marijuana
​Business & Economic Development
Member:​ VACANT​ ​Qualified physician
Member:​ VACANT​ Hospital District​

Staff Coordinator

Cyril Saiphoo, AICP, Program and Project Coordinator
Planning and Development Management Division
Please visit Broward County Boards and Committees for additional information.  Coordinator Information, links to administrative policies, handbooks, and ordinances.