Plans and Programs

​​​​​​​Broward County Land Use Plan

The Broward County Planning Council is charged with the responsibility of preparing a countywide land use plan under the Charter of Broward County, Florida. Upon adoption of the Broward County Land Use Plan by the Broward County Commission, it became the official land use plan within the County and is effective within all of the County’s local governments. The Charter requires all local land use plans within the County to conform to the Broward County Land Use Plan. These activities are conducted consistent within Chapter 163, Florida Statutes.

The Land Use Plan establishes the framework for the future development and redevelopment of Broward County and for the provision of facilities and services within the County. All development must be consistent with the uses, the densities and the intensities of this policy plan.

The Broward County Planning Council reviews and makes recommendation to the Broward County Commission on all proposed amendments to the Broward County Land Use Plan. Requests for amendments are reviewed by Council staff, as well as numerous County and regional agencies, to ensure adequate public facilities and services will be in place to serve the proposed land use. Further, environmental agencies review amendments for impacts on our natural resources.

Broward County Trafficways Plan

The Broward County Trafficways Plan was developed in the early 1960’s by the Broward County Area Planning Board and adopted under the Board’s enabling legislation. The responsibility for the Trafficways Plan was transferred to the Broward County Planning Council with the passage of the Charter of Broward County in 1975, and the Council has continued to maintain the Trafficways Plan since that time.

The Trafficways Plan is the ultimate roadway right-of-way preservation plan for Broward County. To offset the impacts of new development and redevelopment, dedication of right-of- way is required of developing parcels to provide for an adequate regional roadway network, implemented through the County and local government development review processes. At the County level, parcels which are required to plat must dedicate right-of-way consistent with the requirements of the Trafficways Plan.

The Council rules on all proposed amendments and waivers to the Trafficways Plan. Amendments may be initiated by a unit of local government, the Broward County Board of County Commissioners or the Florida Department of Transportation, in addition to the Planning Council.

Broward County Platting Process

Broward County Planning Council staff reviews plats and other development proposals to ensure proposed uses are consistent with those permitted by the effective land use plan designation. In a related activity, Council staff assists local governments and citizens, upon their request, in interpreting the countywide platting requirements contained within the Broward County Land Use Plan.

As mandated by the Broward County Land Use Plan, Council staff, in coordination with the Broward County Department of Planning and Environmental Protection, implements a countywide plat compliance monitoring system to ensure conformity with the platting requirements of the Broward County Land Use Plan.

Special Projects

The Broward County Planning Council conducts short- and long-term studies, projects and programs relating to planning issues determined to be of major importance by the Broward County Commission, the municipalities within the County and the Council itself. The countywide orientation of the Council provides a unique opportunity to address identified issues from a multi-jurisdictional perspective which includes both the incorporated and unincorporated areas of Broward County.

Intergovernmental Coordination

As a true countywide planning agency, the Broward County Planning Council engages in coordinated long-range planning within Broward County through its continuing program of working with and assisting state, regional and local governments on matters of mutual concern. The Planning Council, working in concert with state agencies, including the Florida Department of Community Affairs and the Florida Department of Transportation, regional agencies such as the South Florida Water Management District and the South Florida Regional Planning Council, and municipalities, seeks regional solutions to multi-jurisdictional planning issues. This provides an integrated and efficient countywide comprehensive planning approach to protecting and enhancing the quality of life within Broward County.