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Work Orders

All request for printing services should be submitted through the Print Shop Work Order System.

Step 1: Set Up A Print Shop Account

Contact the Print Shop at 954-357-7120 or email to set up an account and password on the Print Shop Work Order System. Municipalities and other government agencies must also contact the Print Shop to arrange for billing services. As part of the process to set up an account, all customers must complete the online, keyboard-enterable Print Shop Work Order Authorization Request form, which adds or rescinds user rights in the Print Shop Work Order System.

Step 2: Submit a Work Order Request

Once you have user rights to the Print Shop Work Order System, you should submit all work requests through that system using the  Print Shop Quote/Print Request Form. If you need assistance with the work order system, review the Print Shop Work Order​ System Instruction Manual​​ -- (PDF) or call the Print Shop at 954-357-7120.