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Give A Second Chance

Landlords: do you have vacant units? Lease to veterans, families and others working hard to rebuild their lives. Project HomeAgain guarantees you on-time rent plus security. Help us give more Broward residents a place to call home. It’s fast and free to list your open units on our RentalNet MLS​ right now.​​​​

These Benefits Make Your Next Rental More Rewarding:​
  • Extra Cash Incentives: ask us about cash bonuses for your first tenant!​

  • Pre-Screened Tenants

    We only present candidates who show commitment to achieving self-sufficiency​

  • On-Time Payments

    Save time and hassles chasing past-due rent. Receive on-time monthly payments for a full year,

    along with first, last and security deposit upfront.

  • Hands-On Support

    Our case managers partner with you at every step, handling any concerns or issues.

  • Confidential Listings

    Only authorized case managers can access your listing on our RentalNet MLS (multi-listing site.) It’s

    not shared publicly.

  • Free And Exclusive

    Get first dibs on tenants, before they are offered to any non-network landlords.

  • Fast Replacement

    You’ll minimize income interruptions: quick tenant replacement as vacancies occur.

3 Easy Steps

Project HomeAgain is an easier, more convenient way to fill your Broward County units with paying tenants.

  • Step 1: Post your vacancies at RentalNet free: post open units in 10 minutes or less.
  • Step 2: We’ll match prospective tenants to your property. Meet our candidate and do a walkthrough.
  • Step 3: Approve or decline our candidate: the decision is always yours.​

​G​ive Life-Changing Hope​

“I spent 6 months in the shelter. Leaving due to an abusive marriage, the choice was not easy.

I worked multiple odd jobs throughout the year.

All the while, maintaining my son’s attendance in school.

I am so grateful that the donors are generous enough to help those in need.

There really are no words to express how it feels to have a home of our own.

The weight lifted off of me while I get back on my feet is such a gift.”

Shannon B., Tenant

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Get guaranteed income that also gives back to your community. Partner with us to find Broward residents a place to call home. List Your Units Now​ 

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