Organizational Structure
The Purchasing Division’s functions are implemented within three general interrelated Lines of Business: Executive Management, Administrative Services, and Operations. These Lines of Business are put into action through seven business units.
Purchasing Division Organizational Chart 
Executive Management includes management of the County’s procurement practices, planning for future purchasing challenges, maintaining internal quality assurance, recommending policy and managing the budget for the Division. The Executive management line of business consists of the Administration business unit.
Administrative Services provide administrative, fiscal and human resource guidance, information technology development, training, audit of delegated purchases, and education and outreach programs to facilitate efficient and effective achievement of Operations and Executive Management. The Administrative Services line of business is executed through the Special Projects, Information Technology and Administrative Support business units.
Operations encompass the mandated core business of the Division – procurement and disposition of surplus property. The Operations line of business is executed through the Commodities/Services, Construction, Aviation/Port, Negotiations, and Central Warehouse/Logistics business units. These units procure goods, including operational supplies and capital equipment, construction services, general and professional services. Additionally, the Central Warehouse/Logistics business unit disposes of surplus property and serves as the logistics center in emergency events according to State and Federal mandates.
Following is a list of Purchasing Division staff, their telephone numbers, and major areas of responsibility.
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