RLI/RFP Repository

​​​To enhance transparency, the Purchasing Division provides the information/documents utilized by Evaluation Committee members in evaluating shortlisting, and/or ranking proposals for recommendation of rankings in Committee-based procurements (Request for Proposals, Request for Letters of Interest, or Request for Qualifications).  

Some of the information/documents contained in the repository are: Request for Letters of Interest/Request for Proposals solicitations, Evaluation Matrix, Director of Purchasing Recommendation Memorandum, Office of Economic and Small Business Development Compliance Memorandum, Financial Review Memorandum, Litigation Review Memorandum, Shortlisting Ballot Tally Sheet and Individual Ballots, Presentation - Ranking Ballot Tally Sheet and Individual Ballots, Video Recordings of Evaluation Committee Meetings, and the Summary Meeting Minutes. This repository is an award-winning innovation recognized by NACo and FAPPO.

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