Dear Vendor:

Due to recent improvements to Broward County’s procurement and contract management software, vendors will no longer be able to access iContractsCentral through the Vendor Self Service (VSS) system and will need a new login ID and password to access their Broward County contract information/Sub Vendor Payment Verification through our iContractsCentral application.

Please locate an email sent to you on August 7th, 2014, with instructions on how to activate your account and setup your password. The email subject line is iContractsCentral Account information. If you cannot locate the email then fill out the iContractsCentral Login Request form.

How To Report Monthly Participation Goal Utilization

If you currently have a contract with Broward County and Participation Goals have been assigned to that contract, you now have the option of reporting your monthly utilization information electronically through the iContractsCentral application.  If you are a sub vendor certified through the Small Business Development Division and working on a Broward County contract with Participation Goals you can perform payment verifications through the iContractsCentral application.

Review the online tutorial for more information on how to use this application. For technical assistance with iContractsCentral please send an email to ContractsCentralSupport@broward.org.

For questions regarding compliance with Participation Goals contact the Small Business Development Division at 954-357-6400.