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Risk Management

Broward CountyRisk ManagementSafety and Occupational Health Section

​​The role of the Safety & Occupational Section is to:

  • Promote workplace health, safety & environmental protection.
  • Provide leadership and expertise in developing, implementing and supporting high quality hazard control programs that enable County employees to protect themselves from occupational hazards.
  • Offer safety-related support services, including auditing and training, to all county Divisions.
  • Verify compliance with federal, state, and local regulations to achieve optimal control or reduction of hazards and exposures which are detrimental to people, property, and the environment.

Identity Statement

identify, evaluate and control occupational hazards to protect the County’s investment in employee life, health, the environment and property, and to avoid business interruption.

Overview of Services: Safety & Occupational Health Section

The Occupational Safety & Health team uses the classic scientific approach in order to anticipate, identify and evaluate occupational hazards - including chemical, biological and physical agents - and to make recommendations regarding their control. We also oversee the County’s medical surveillance program, ensuring a robust match between medical testing and potential workplace exposures. The team coordinates the new hire and recurrent occupational physicals and related medical testing. We also provide a variety of outreach services, including training, consultation and problem-solving.

The Investigative Services team submits and disseminates information regarding Criminal background and driving records history for post-offer county employment, as well as other government agencies that utilize our services. We regularly monitor all county authorized drivers’ license status to ensure that licenses are valid. We conduct liability investigations regarding vehicular incidents, property damage and theft. We also administer the county’s drug testing in conjunction with Human Resources.​​​​​​​