Declaration of Domicile Instructions

​​​All information must be legible.

  • Husband and wife, domestic partners, or others who co-habitate may sign the same form. All other individuals must submit separate forms.
  • The Declaration of Domicile form must be notarized. Use a notary public of your choice, or notary services are available from at the Records, Taxes and Treasury Division, for a fee of $10 per name, in addition to the standard recording charges. All persons who signed the document must appear before the notary, with proper identification. For our office to notarize your document, each party must have current government-issued picture identification, such as a driver's license, a state identification card or current passport.

Completing the Form

  • Line 1 - Fill in the last address you lived at before you moved to the state of Florida/or if within Florida, your previous address
  • Line 2 - Fill in the date you moved to Florida
  • Line 3 - Fill in your current address
  • Line 4 - Your signature
  • Line 5 - Clearly and legibly PRINT the name that you signed

Getting Your Declaration of Domicile Record​ed​

You may record your document through the mail or in person. If you record through the mail, your document must be notarized before you send it to us. Mail notarized document to:

Records, Taxes and Treasury Division
Recording Section
P.O. Box 14668
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33302

  • Include a self-addressed, postage paid envelope for the return of the document after processing
  • Include the recording fee of $10 for a one-page document
  • Make check or money order payable to Board of County Commissioners (do not send cash)
  • If you want to request a certified copy of the recorded document in addition to the recorded original, include certified copy fees of $3 per document, in addition to recording fees

Documents may be recorded in person at the Records, Taxes and Treasury Division:

Broward County Governmental Center, Room 114
115 S. Andrews Ave.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

You will receive the original recorded document back at the time of recording.​​

Declaration of Domicile​

A Declaration of Domicile proves residency in Broward County, Florida. It is often used to enroll children or college students in school, to establish eligibility for Homestead Exemption, or as the first step toward establishing legal residence in Florida.

You can obtain a Declaration of Domicile form at the Records, Taxes and Treasury Division, Broward County Governmental Center Room 114, 115 S. Andrews Ave., Fort Lauderdale, or download a form online. Completed forms must be signed and notarized in the presence of the notary, then mailed or brought into the office in person.

Each person signing the document must appear in front of the notary. Each person must present proof of identity with a picture, such as a Florida Driver's License, passport or state-issued identification card. Resident aliens must have permanent green cards.

The fee for recording a Declaration of Domicile is $10, if the document is notarized before it is brought in. There is an additional fee of $10 per name for each name notarized by the Records, Taxes and Treasury Division.

Declaration of Domicile Forms: