Electronic Recording

​​Broward County provides a WEBSERVICE that allows recording transactions to be passed electronically to the County Records Division’s internal recording application for processing. There are two ways to use this service. The first is to develop a front end application that can communicate with our WEBSERVICE to send transactions for recording and to retrieve the recorded documents. Developing such an application would require a significant programming effort on your part.

The second way is to send documents through an “electronic courier service”. These are companies who have already developed front end applications to submit electronic transactions to many counties throughout the country and provide eRecording submission services. In most cases these are subscription based services. They would provide you with software to submit electronic transactions and charge a per document transmission fee.

Broward Erecording Submitters as of 2/1/2020

  1. CSC (formerly INGEO) erecording@cscglobal.com / 866-652-0111 / erecording.com/contact-us
  2. E-Docs Solutions / info@edocsrecording.com / 888-973-3627 / edocsrecording.com/ContactUs.htm
  3. eRecording Partners Network (ePN ) / sales@GOePN.com / 888-325-3365 / goepn.com/contact/
  4. Indecomm (formerly US Recordings) / marketing_info@indecomm.net / 877-272-5250 / dmg.indecomm.net/Connect/Contact
  5. Simplifile / sales@simplifile.com / 800-460-5657 / simplifile.com/contact-simplifile/

For more information, please email records@broward.org.​​​​​