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Search/Copy Section Services

​​This section of Records, Taxes, and TreasuryDivision maintains film or digitized images of all instruments filed for record in the Official Records of Broward County.

Records prior to 1978 are not yet computerized and can be accessed in only two ways, by coming to our office or by written request.

PLEASE NOTE: The Search Section of Records, Taxes, and TreasuryDivision is not sufficiently staffed to take search requests over the telephone. Search requests must be in writing. Please follow the instructions outlined below.

The index of instruments recorded on and after January 1, 1978, maybe accessed by clicking "Public Search" on the previous menu. You may view images of any document recorded on or after August 24, 1998, (the date we began imaging) at no charge. Images prior to that date are being converted from microfilm. We anticipate having all images (back to 1883) available in the near future. Our index contains a listing of pertinent names extracted from those documents. Documents are numbered with an Instrument Number and with the Official Records Book and Page Number(s).

Searching property addresses or legal descriptions: We do not index legal descriptions and do not have the ability to search by legal description or property address. What we can do is search under any name or names you indicate and provide you with the results of that search. We cannot guarantee that there are not other instruments of record impacting a specific property filed under other names. If you are checking for liens, you may also wish to check with the municipality in which the property is located, as well as with our Building Code Services at 954-765-4400. If your query is related to the potential purchase of a piece of property, it may be advisable to obtain the services of a professional to provide maximum assurance of a clear title.

Search and copy services are provided upon payment of statutory fees and for that reason requests for searches of our records cannot be provided over the telephone, by fax or via e-mail.

Copy fees are $1 per page. Certification fee is $2 per document.
For detailed instructions on how to search the Official Records, click here

Instructions to obtain a copy of a specific document by mail:

  1. Describe the document, such as Mortgage, Deed, Lien, Judgment, Affidavit etc.
  2. List the parties named on the document, such as from John Doe to Bank X.
  3. If known, indicate the Clerk File Number or Book/Page Number for the document.
  4. Indicate whether you wish to have the copy certified.
  5. Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.
  6. Indicate the name and telephone number or Internet address of someone to contact in the event the Search & Copy Section has a question.
  7. Enclose your request with a check for FEES due at $1 per page and $2 to certify the document. Make check payable to the "Board of County Commissioners" and mail to:

Records, Taxes, and TreasuryDivision
P.O. Box 14668
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33302
Attn: SEARCH & COPY SECTION, ROOM 114 (prominently displayed)

If you would like this office to conduct a search for a document(s) recorded under a specific name, the search fee is $2 per name per year searched and include a $1 per page for printing the document(s). Document searches are $2 per name, per year searched.

Please send your request, check, and an appropriate sized self-addressed, envelope to us at the above address. We will provide you with a printout of the search results from which you may make your selection for a copy order.

If you wish to come to our office in person to obtain your copy, our address is:

Records, Taxes, and TreasuryDivision
Search and Copy Section
115 S. Andrews Ave., Room 114, Governmental Center
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301​​​​​