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Tangible Personal Property Tax

​​Broward County now gives the taxpayer the option to view or pay their Tangible tax online by entering their business name, address or Property ID Number. Click here>

Tangible Personal Property Tax is an ad valorem tax assessed against:

  • Any equipment, fixtures or furniture used in a business or for a commercial purpose
  • Leased equipment
  • Furnishings and appliances in a rental property, owned by the real property owner
  • Any attachments made to a mobile home or manufactured housing in a rental park

Based on Florida Statute 193.052, any resident in possession of these assets on January 1 must file a tangible tax return form with the Broward County Property Appraiser’s office no later than April 1 of each year.

Tangible Personal Property Tax Process

The Broward County Property Appraiser’s Office assesses the value of tangible personal property and presents a certified tax roll to Broward County Records, Taxes and Treasury Division. The assessment is based on status as of January 1. If a business was open, a unit was rented or a mobile home was owned on January 1, an assessment will be made. There is no provision for proration in the event of a mid-year sale, closure or liquidation.

If the ownership of the Tangible Personal Property has been transferred and the warrant is issued in the name of the former owner, tax liability follows the property, not the owner. The "lien" attaches to the tangible property. If taxes remain unpaid, the "lien" survives the sale or transfer of the property. NOTE: It is very important to verify that tangible taxes are paid prior to the purchase of a business, mobile home or rental property.

Records, Taxes and Treasury Division mails the tax notices by November 1 of each year with payment due by March 31. Discounts for early payment are as follows:

  • 4 percent discount if paid in November
  • 3 percent discount if paid in December
  • 2 percent discount if paid in January
  • 1 percent discount if paid in February

There is no discount for tangible personal property taxes paid in March.

Delinquent Tangible Personal Property Tax

Tangible Personal Property Taxes become delinquent on April 1st each tax year at which time interest accrues at 1.5% per month (18% per annum) plus additional fees are added. Within 45 days after delinquency, the property is advertised in a local newspaper, and advertising costs are added to the total. A list of all unpaid tangible personal property taxes will be advertised and published once during May in the Broward Daily Business Review.

On July 1, pursuant to Section 197.413, Florida Statutes, Tax Warrants are issued on all unpaid tangible personal property. Within 30 days after the warrants are prepared, the Records, Taxes and Treasury Division applies to the Circuit Court. The court shall issue its order directing the tax collector or his or her deputy to levy upon and seize so much of the tangible personal property of the taxpayers listed in the petition as is necessary to satisfy the unpaid taxes, costs, interest, attorney's fees and other charges.

Reporting Changes

Broward County Tax Collector collects the tax, any changes to the tax roll (name, address, location, assessed value) must be processed through the Broward County Property Appraiser's office. Click here>

For additional information regarding Tangible Personal Property tax, call the Broward County Call Center at 3-1-1 or 954-831-4000.​​​​