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Broward County is self insured for various types of Liability and the program is administered by the Risk Management Division, in accordance with Florida Statute 768.28.

The Liability section manages claims presented against Broward County. Staff adjusters investigate claims by interviewing the parties and witnesses involved, consulting with local authorities and inspecting property damage to determine the extent of the County’s liability. Adjusters may also consult with other professionals, such as engineers, attorneys, and physicians throughout the evaluation of the claim. The Liability Section is comprised of four (4) adjusters. All adjusters are licensed by the State of Florida.

Vehicle Accidents

Please be advised that all vehicle accidents must be reported to the Risk Management Division within twenty-four (24) hours of the incident. Call the Risk Management Liability Section at 954-357-7215 or 954-765-5124 after 5pm or on weekends.

After any accident, regardless of whether there is vehicle damage or injury, the local authorities (police) must be contacted and a police report must be requested and completed.

Filing a Claim

To report a claim, please complete the attached Broward County General Public Notice of Injury or Property Damage Form.​​