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  1. ​​Initiated Judicial Awareness Coalition, which resulted in the Family Court.
  2. Created the Women's History Committee, which resulted in the establishment of the Broward County Women's History Coalition.
  3. Initiated the Broward County Student Essay Contest in conjunction with Women's History Month.
  4. Developed Expanding Horizon Program to introduce middle school girls to non-traditional job opportunities for females.
  5. Worked with Broward County Schools to develop curriculum and teacher training workshops for Women's History Month.
  6. Joined in creating the first downtown Fort Lauderdale child care center.
  7. Conducted a pay equity study within the Broward County Government resulting in increased pay levels for many women.
  8. Presented community forums on:
    •     Women and Safety
    •     Women and Health Care
    •     Women and the Work Place
    •     Women and Education
    •     Women and Financial Health
  9. Promoted the revision and expansion of Broward County Government's policy on sexual harrassment.
  10. Honored often unrecognized local women for shaping and changing our communities.
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