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Drainage Installation and Stormwater Management
Broward County > Streets > Field Operations > Drainage Installation and Stormwater Management

Keeping water off our roads is important to safe driving. Sudden and heavy rains, which are common in Broward County, especially in the summer season, confirm the importance of managing water.

Our crews install, repair and maintain more than 12,000 drain structures (catch basins, culverts and massholes) and over 109,500 linear feet of drainage pipe located in County roadways to keep them operating efficiently.

worker installing drain structure


Drainage Installation and Repair

Oftentimes, road improvement projects will involve the installation or repair of drainage facilities. Additionally, we constantly assess County infrastructure for signs of obstruction, failure or deterioration.


green vacuum truck


Stormwater Management

Our big, green vacuum trucks are called in to clean, route and maintain County drainage systems. We are also mapping our drainage infrastructure in order to better service it.


green truck


Infrastructure Cleaning

Litter is a never ending problem, but our Division is committed to keeping our streets as clean and debris-free as possible. Our lime green street sweepers can be seen all over the County keeping our streets looking beautiful. In fact, more than 10,455 of miles of Broward County owned streets were cleaned last year.