Landscape Maintenance

Keeping Broward County beautiful takes a lot of effort.

Our crews mow medians and shoulders, trim trees and pick up litter on County rights-of-way. Last year, crews mowed more than 2,839 acres of medians and roadway shoulders.

Additionally, we maintain and upgrade 13 irrigation systems as needed for a total of 27 unincorporated Broward County entrance ways. We also clean and mow approximately 140 County owned lots.

All of our work is done in accordance with NatureScape guidelines.

Trimming Our Trees

In order to provide for a pedestrian friendly environment, we plant many trees near sidewalks to provide shade and protection. The Division is responsible for maintaining those trees, ensuring they are out of the way of our pedestrians while preserving the life and health of the trees.​

Cleaning, Mowing and Restoring Our Rights-of-Way and Swales

Swales, the area between streets and sidewalks, provide for proper drainage and storage of stormwater. After any construction, there is almost always the need to reconstruct and restore the swale. Last year, crews reconstructed more than 177,000 square feet of swales.

We work with sod contractors to make our swales and neighborhoods more attractive. Additionally, we have many projects, some in the cooperation with cities, to improve medians with the addition of pavers and eco-friendly landscaping.​​​​​​