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Let's Make a Recycling Project


Materials: one brown paper bag; a big pan or tub to hold water; an electric blender; a piece of fine-mesh wire screen (window screen is fine) to fit in pan/tub; one tablespoon of liquid starch mixed with two cups of water; three pieces of white blotting paper * the same size as the screen; a rolling pin; an electric iron

Optional: colored thread, leaves, sparkles, food coloring

*Blotting paper is used to absorb ink. You can buy it at art supply stores. You can buy papermaking kits at art, environmental or educational supply stores.

Step 1
Make sure there is constant adult supervision.

Step 2
Tear a quarter of the grocery bag into tiny pieces. Put the pieces in the blender. Fill the blender three-fourths full with liquid starch-water mixture. Put the lid on the blender and turn it on a high speed for 30 seconds. Never put your fingers in the blender!

Step 3
Look inside the blender and you will see that the paper bag has turned into a watery mush which is called pulp. Put the screen into the big pan/tub. Next, pour the pulp into the pan/tub and add water. Stir the pulp with your fingers until there are no lumps.

Step 4
Use your fingers to move the pulp around so it covers the screen evenly. If you want to decorate your sheet of paper, you can add a few drops of food coloring to the water, or drop colored paper, thread, leaves, sparkles, confetti or other decorations onto the pulp that collects inside your screen.

Step 5
Slowly lift the screen out of the water, letting excess water drip off the screen.

Step 6
Set the screen on top of a piece of blotting paper. Carefully place another piece of blotting paper on top of the screen. Turn the screen upside down and bang it hard so the sheet falls out onto the bottom piece of blotting paper. Remove the screen. You'll see your wet sheet of paper. Put another piece of dry blotting paper on top of the sheet and roll it a few times with the rolling pin to squish out the extra water.

Step 7
Put your iron on a medium setting (don't let it get too hot, and don't use the “steam” setting). Iron your sheet while it is still between the blotting paper to remove water. When the sheet seems dry, gently peel away the blotting paper. If the sheet is not quite dry, you can place the iron directly on the sheet and lift the iron back off the sheet. DO NOT move the iron from side to side or your sheet will tear.

Step 8
Now you have a sheet of hand made paper. You can trim the edges with scissors. Use it to write a letter, or fold it in half and turn it into a card for a friend.