​​Wherever you live, whether it’s an apartment building, a condo, townhome or a single-family home, you can do something good for the environment everyday by recycling. Recycling doesn’t cost a thing, and it’s so easy because you don’t have to sort. Just mix all your recyclables together in one container—paper, plastic bottles, metal and glass. It's that easy with the “no-sort” system called single-stream recycling. You don’t even have to remove caps or lids!

Single-Family Home Recyclingsingle family house

Recycling at the curb is easy. Most cities provide recycling bins to residents at no extra charge. The recycling is picked up once a week. To obtain recycling containers and find out if your city participates in the single-stream recycling program, call your city directly.

Apartment and Condominium Recycling

Residents of multifamily communities (condos, apartments) in Broward County are encouraged to implement and maintain residential recycling programs. Many cities have exclusive agreements with haulers to provide solid waste and recycling services to apartment and condominium communities. Here’s how to recycle.

For owners and property managers, setting up a recycling program provides an opportunity to reduce waste and associated disposal costs. Savings can often be realized with the combination of a reduction in service days, smaller waste containers, and most importantly, an increase in the recycling rate at your property.