Tips on Implementing a Recycling Program

​​​​​Implementing a recycling program in your community not only provides environmental benefits but can lead to financial savings

Setting Up Central Collection Areas:
Collection systems vary by community. Some complexes locate collection areas in parking lots orgarbage enclosures, and some place containers on each floor or by trash chutes. Choosing locations for recycling containers may involve coordination with your maintenance and janitorial staff.

Make collection areas convenient. Residents are more likely to participate if recycling is easy.

Make recycling containers easily accessible to tenants and staff.

Place signage listing what items can be recycled. This will help minimize contamination.

Review Options

If your community does not currently recycle, check with your garbage hauler to see if they can service the recycling containers, or contact your city for additional information.

  • Find out if the complex currently recycles.
  • Contact the existing hauler to inquire about recycling services and container options. There may be charge for recycling or you may already be paying for recycling through your solid waste or utility bills.
  • Review your garbage service contract to determine whether you can reduce your garbage service levels or container sizes. Recycling will divert materials away from your garbage and you may be able to reduce your service levels.
  • Recycling haulers or your municipality may provide recycling containers.
  • Utilize current maintenance personnel and/or volunteer residents.
  • If recycling is not available, materials can be taken to drop-off locations.

Promote Your Program

Educate residents about the recycling program.

  • Place signs and clearly label containers
  • Distribute promotional and educational materials
  • Publish recycling program details in newsletters
  • Share this video about recycling in multifamily complexes

Broward County may be able to provide assistance and educational tools for multifamily residents and property managers.

Print-ready promotional materials are available.

For assistance in implementing or promoting a recycling program, call your municipal recycling department or 954-765-4999.​