​​Recycling in Broward County Parks

​Recycling: It's As Easy As a Walk in the Park

All Broward County regional parks have recycling bins, giving you the opportunity to do something good for the environment. You’ll also find bins in many neighborhood parks, nature centers and preserves. Take advantage of every opportunity to recycle – it seems like a small thing to do, but when all of us do it, it makes a huge difference! Find out more...

Why Recycle in Broward County Parks?

  • Recycling conserves natural resources such as timber, water and minerals
  • Recycling reduces the need for landfill space
  • Recycling reduces energy usage
  • Recycling reduces greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change
  • Recycling improves air and water quality

Source: epa.gov/recycle

Don’t Toss It—Recycle It!*

In the U.S, enough garbage is thrown away every day to fill 63,000 garbage trucks which, if lined up end to end for an entire year, would stretch halfway to the moon.

  • Of the garbage Americans throw out, half could be recycled, which is enough to fill a football stadium from top to bottom each day.
  • Americans throw away enough aluminum to rebuild the entire commercial air fleet every three months, and enough wood and paper to heat five million homes for 200 years.
  • U.S. waste disposal costs exceed $100 billion annually.

*Source: National Park Service

What Can You Recycle in Broward County Parks?

Yes No
Glass beverage containers
Aluminum and steel metal cans
Aseptic packaging (juice and soup boxes)
Narrow-neck plastic bottles
Gable-top containers (milk and juice cartons)
Paper (computer, copy, and fax paper; file folders, envelopes--including window) Chipboard (lightweight cardboard)
Newspapers, magazines, journals, catalogs, flyers, brochures, pamphlets
Cardboard, flattened​​

xPlastic Bags
xCups (all types)
xLids or straws
xSoiled paper plates
xFast food wrappers
xPlastic wrap
xPlastic packaging
xNapkins or paper towels
xMoist towels/towelettes
xAluminum foil
xWax paper

Recycling at Events and Festivals

Event RecyclingBroward County works with the Parks and Recreation Division and event coordinators to make recycling available wherever possible. We’ve helped to coordinate recycling, and provided recycling bins for the South Florida Renaissance Festival, Water Matters Day, Camelot Days, the Jamaican Jerk Festival, and others. If you’re planning a large-scale event with 400 attendees or more, we can help you add recycling to your festivities.

Contact Broward County’s Government Recycling Program at 954-474-4999 or inquire at bcgovtrecycles@broward.org.

Where are the Recycling Bins?

Recycling bins can be found next to trash cans at most pavilions, shelters, pools, and other amenities in county regional parks, nature centers and neighborhood parks. See a list of parks.​