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Water and Wastewater Services Administration manages and directs the activities of the five Water and Wastewater Services​ (WWS) divisions: Engineering, Business Operations, Information Technology, Operations, and Water Management. Administration approves operating and capital budgets, assures rates, fees, charges are sufficient to support fund activities and debt service requirements while providing appropriate coverage to maintain or enhance bond ratings; develops and implements financing plans for the successful implementation of the capital plan and policies to ensure environmentally safe water resources. Administration coordinates activities to identify efficiencies and synergies to reduce overall costs and enhance the delivery of services.

Administration also manages relationships with Large Users of the North Regional Wastewater System and the Regional Raw Water System. Administration coordinates the response to information requests from the County Commission and the general public. Administration promotes water conservation programs to benefit customers, preserve water resources and protect the environment; and monitors legislative and regulatory issues at local, regional, state and federal levels.

WWS Administration highlights include:
  • Water and Wastewater Services’ water and sewer utility bonds maintained strong ratings— “Aa2”, “AA+” and “AA” — from the three major rating services: Moody’s, Fitch, and Standard & Poor’s.
  • The Retail Rates remained unchanged as compared to the previous fiscal year.
  • The Regional Rates for wastewater and raw water were recalculated in conformance with large user agreements and recommended rates were approved by the Board for fiscal year 2015.
  • Palm Beach County (PBC) and Broward County continued negotiations for the creation of a Regional Reclaimed Water System to support the NRWWS reclaimed water requirement under the Ocean Outfall legislation.