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Information Technology Division
Water and Wastewater Information Technology Division (WWITD) is committed to providing Water and Wastewater (WWS) divisions with current industry standard technologies to efficiently and effectively automate business functions and to providing a high level of service support for those systems. WWITD provides specialized automation services to the water and wastewater utility by acquiring, developing and maintaining the latest technology solutions on its proprietary utility and SCADA networks. WWITD is responsible for desktop, server and network support for the WWS segment of the County’s administrative network.

The WWITD Director also manages the safety and physical security programs for WWS staff and facilities, which have been designated critical infrastructure by Homeland Security.

WWITD highlights include: 
IT Operations

  • PeacePlus 9 was chosen to replace the aging Energy 7 platform as the Utility Billing Customer Information System for Water and Wastewater Services (WWS). The project was completed in 2018 with the successful application and infrastructure upgrade from Energy 7 to PeacePlus 9, transitioning all daily activities for the customer service and bill payment functions to the new billing platform.
  • Lablynx is used by Water and Wastewater Operations Division to monitor the quality of the water for both the water and wastewater treatment plants, logging water test results for reporting compliance with EPA rules. The Lablynx infrastructure and software was upgraded to keep this system up to date with new hardware and supported software levels insuring the necessary data can be logged and reported; keeping WWS in reporting compliance with all government agencies.
  • To continue to enhance the IT security posture at WWS, a Network Access Control (NAC) appliance was added to the system networks. The NAC will allow WWITD to manage what devices can attach to the Utility Network and alert staff when devices other than county infrastructure are attached to the network allowing WWITD to remediate quickly and efficiently.

  • Configured a Lock Box with Wells Fargo for customer invoice payments electronically. Implementation of the Lock Box streamlined the payment process allowing consistent timely deposits and increased security around the payment process. Approximately 135,000 payments are processed with a dollar volume of $33 million annually.