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Operations Division
Water and Wastewater Operations Division (WWOD) is committed to supplying high quality raw and potable water; providing reliable water distribution and wastewater collection services; operating dependable transmission, treatment and disposal of wastewater services to large users in the north region of the County; and ensuring all services are delivered in a safe, efficient and cost-effective manner.

WWOD operates and maintains water treatment plants; re-pumping and storage facilities; lift stations, underground water distribution and sewage collection systems; and other support facilities. The division is responsible for the preparation and submittal of reports to comply with federal, state and local requirements (such as the Safe Drinking Water Act) and to ensure the reliable production of high-quality, safe, potable drinking water for our citizens. The division provides raw water from two regional wellfields to five large users and to Broward County retail operations as well as operates two retail wellfields that supply water to the County’s 1A and 2A water treatment plants.

WWOD is also responsible for providing wastewater transmission, treatment and disposal services to eleven large users and to Broward County through the operation and maintenance of a regional wastewater treatment facility and related regional pumping stations. The division operates a reclaimed water facility, which provides reclaimed water to both industrial and retail customers. In addition, WWOD operates a state-certified laboratory, a nationally-recognized Industrial Pretreatment Program (IPP) and provides a critical environmental service through operating and maintaining a Septage Receiving Facility.

WWOD’s highlights include:
  • North Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant (NRWWTP) effluent ocean outfall nutrient reduction goals continue to exceed those established by the State of Florida in response to the ocean outfall legislation.
  • Triennial lead and copper compliant. ​​​
  • Recipient of the Florida Section of American Water Works Association (FSAWWA) Distribution System of the Year Award.
  • Recipient of the Florida Water Environment Association (FWEA) Large Collection System Award.
  • Recipient of the Water Environment Association (WEF) Utility of the Future Today Award.