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Water Management Division
Water Management Division (WMD) is committed to developing, managing, operating, and maintaining the surface and groundwater resources within our service area to provide recharge for water supply and wetlands; saltwater intrusion abatement; drainage and flood control; and environmental enhancements.

WMD programs in engineering, management and development review provide for the planning, design, construction and right-of-way management of waterways, culverts, pump stations and water control structures that provide flood protection, surface and ground water recharge, saltwater intrusion abatement and urban water supply. Water supply planning, well site assessments, and permitting services are provided to apply for, obtain and assure compliance with public water supply and diversion and impoundment water use permits.

WMD highlights include:
  • Providing support to water supply and water resource development programs, including the Broward County Water Supply Plan Update, Broward County Comprehensive Plan Goals, Policies and Objectives and supporting document updates, C-51 Reservoir Project, Integrated Water Resources Management Master Plan, Broward County Water Resources Task Force/Technical Team and the Broward County Water Advisory Board/Technical Advisory Committee.
  • Preparing annual Alternative Water Supply and conservation updates, Consumptive Use Permit modifications, and maintaining submittal of monthly Consumptive Use Permit compliance information.
  • Collection, analyses and tracking of wellfield withdrawals and surface water pumpages, water levels and chloride concentration sampling information required under Consumptive Use Permits for District 1A, District 2A/ North Regional Wellfield (NRW), South Regional Wellfield (SRW) and the Northern Recharge System.
  • Providing hydrogeological technical support to WWOD and WWED for water supply and waste​​water disposal projects.
  • Providing assistance in the development of models to evaluate the impacts of predicted sea level rise on the 2A wellfield, the potential benefit of the C-51 Storage Reservoir and the Floridan Aquifer System’s potential as an Alternative Water Supply.