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Minimum Design & Construction Standards

This page contains information on minimum design and construction standards applicable to the Water and Wastewater Services potable water distribution system, wastewater collection system and reclaimed water distribution system. View more information on land development within a Broward County Water and Wastewater Services jurisdiction.

These standards are established and maintained by the Broward County Water Wastewater Services Technical Standards Committee.
Note: Unless otherwise noted, all linked documents are in Adobe PDF format. AutoCAD files are in version 2010. Autodesk provides free Trueview software that may convert 2010 to earlier versions.

Guideline for Minimum Clearances between WWS Facilities and Other Features


Guideline for Minimum Force Main Sizing


Guideline for Single Manufacturer Per Construction Project


Guideline for Requesting Approval of Variance from Standards


Guideline for Walls-Fences across WWS Easement


Guideline for Water Distribution System Dead End Water Mains


Guideline for Water Distribution System Valve and Hydrant Spacing


Lift Station Engineer’s Certification


Lift Station Naming Convention


Lift Station Pump Manufacturer’s Certification of Proper Installation 


Lift Station Pump Manufacturer’s Startup Report


Lift Station Standard Pumps


Lift Station Wetwell Sizing Requirements


Minimum Design and Construction Standards


Minimum Drawing Requirements for Piping Projects


Minimum Easement Requirements


Minimum Installation and Testing Requirements


Product Specification Sheets


Products Used In Construction


Technical Standards Committee


Technical Standards Committee Product Approvals


Ten State Standards – Wastewater


Ten State Standards – Water


Typical Standard Lift Station


Typical Standard Lift Station (Zipped AutoCAD format)


Water and Wastewater Standard Details


Water and Wastewater Standard Details (Zipped AutoCAD format)

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