The BCIPP Permitting Team issues permits to industries in our service area and Waste Transporters who discharge at the Broward County Septage Receiving Facility, and ensures that the concentrations of any priority pollutants in the permitted users’ wastewater comply with the requirements of the Broward County Sewer Use Ordinance.

Compliance Verification​

The BCIPP Compliance Verification Team inspects both permitted and non-permitted users in our service area, performs analytical sampling, and performs case investigations.  Inspections are performed in order to provide a foundation for developing or amending local discharge limits for users in our service area in order to reduce or eliminate contamination or pollution before it is discharged to the environment.  Users are also inspected in order to determine compliance with current local discharge limits defined in their current permit. The Compliance Verification Team samples and inspects the effluent from users and evaluates the need for Significant Industrial Users to create a slug control plan.


The BCIPP Enforcement Team obtains and evaluates information on Industrial User compliance (i.e. Self-Monitoring Reports, field inspections, regulatory sampling). Notices of non-compliance, including penalty fees if applicable, are issued by this section.

Septage Receiving

The Industrial Pretreatment Program Septage Receiving Facility receives non-hazardous liquid wastes, septic tank waste, non-processed and processed grease trap waste, portable toilet wastes, storm sewer cleanout, landfill leachate and pre-approved industrial waste on a case by case basis (with analysis report) from permitted waste transporters. The goal of the Facility is to provide a cost-effective service which ensures the proper disposal of non-hazardous liquid waste in support of Broward County’s environmental protection efforts​​​​