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Water and Wastewater Services

Broward CountyWater and Wastewater ServicesHauled Waste Discharge Program Septage Receiving Facility
Septic Receiving Facility

​​​The Broward County (BC) Septage Receiving Facility (SRF) is operated and managed by the Compliance and Monitoring Section (C&M) of Water & Wastewater Services (WWS). The SRF accepts septic tank waste, grease trap waste, portable toilet wastes, and pre-approved industrial waste (with analysis report). Hazardous wastes, industrial clarifier wastes, car wash clarifier wastes, and other related industrial wastes are not accepted. In addition, rainwater, fire fighting water, groundwater, swimming pool water, and other non-sewage wastewater are generally not accepted for disposal. Prior approval to discharge is needed. 

Please apply to the permitting unit of the C&M Section at 954-831-3066. The SRF is located at 3100 North Powerline Road in Pompano Beach, Florida.

In order to utilize the SRF, haulers must first obtain from the Broward County Environmental Protection and Growth Management Department (EPGMD) a Sludge Waste Transportation License and sticker. They may then apply for a Waste Hauler Permit to discharge hauled waste to the NRWWTP. Obtain a permit application form (PDF) online, or call the C&M section Permitting Unit. View permit fees to review the Fee Schedule. 

All waste received at the SRF must be accompanied by a Waste Tracking Form (PDF). A waste tracking form will be sent to you with the approved permit. The Septage Receiving Facility's addressee and operating hours are provided with the Hauled Waste Disposal Policies and Procedures.​​