Canal Maintenance
​​​All canal and lake banks erode through the natural action of rain, changing water levels, wind and the actions of animals and fish.  The process of erosion can be slowed by proper maintenance of the banks.  

Canal banks should be mowed to the water’s edge to prevent the growth of shrubs and trees, which block access to the waterway.  Mowing is most often the responsibility of the property owner next to the canal.  WMD conducts maintenance mowing of some canal reaches, such as those next to highways.

Bank Restoration

All canals and banks will eventually reach a point that they no longer function to efficiently convey water.  Restoration measures may include excavating sediment from the canal, using equipment to re-shape the bank, installation of ‘hardening’  materials such as riprap, geotubes, concrete mats or other methods. The canal bank must be free of encroachments such as landscaping, fences, docks, etc. in order to allow heavy equipment. ​